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------- Additional Comments From francisg at gmail.com  2005-04-04 12:39 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #1) 
> My opinion is that Kynaptic is a nice start for a KDE version of Synaptic, but 
> isn't really usable yet. Features like 'search' are still missing.  
It is reasonably primitive, but it does have a Search feature there. Edit > Find. 
Having Synaptic as default would mean that all GTK depends would have to be pulled in; seems 
unnecessary. If Synaptic isn't going to be used while Kynaptic needs a lot of development, then 
at least KPackage should be used. But, Kynaptic is going to be released in Official as default, 
so, past that, Kubuntu might as well stick with it. 

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