[Kubuntu-de] Linuxtag and Kubuntu poster

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Don Jun 7 15:48:55 BST 2007

On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 04:31:09PM +0200, Marcus Czeslinski wrote:
> Hi  Jonathan,
> > Would someone be able to write a paragraph or two about how the
> > Kubuntu stand at Linuxtag went?
> >
> > https://wiki.kubuntu.org/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue44
> Yes, I do it.

Great, thanks.

> > Does anyone know who has the vertial kubuntu display system poster?
> I have it, with all the other booth staff. I ship it in august to "Froscon" in 
> St. Augustin, in october to the "Linux Infotag Dresden" and to all other 
> Events, where we can present Kubuntu. I hope its ok.

It would be good if we could get it for Akademy.  Could you post it to
me (http://jriddell.org/contact.html).

Keep a receipt of postage and I can claim expenses if needed.

What makes up the other booth stuff? (Just being nosey.)