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Mattsch 661829 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Aug 9 15:35:19 UTC 2012

Although this qt patch fixes the problem, I wonder what the purpose of
the misspelled calculator constant is for.  These constants in qt were
pulled from XF86keysym.h from the x11proto package.  The misspelled
"XF86XK_Calculater" constant which has a different hex value from
"XF86XK_Calculator" originated in xfree86 XF86keysym.h revision 1.13 on

522. Added support for special keys found on many ACPI control, Easy Access
      Keyboards, Internet keyboards, laptops, notebooks and PDA (via
      xkb/symbols/inet). Added new key symbols for these keyboards
      (Stanislav Brabec).

Before that commit, XF86XK_Calculator was the only one that existed.

In revision 1.12, the keysym for XF86XK_Calculator was 0x1008FF1D.  This
is the same symbol that my keyword uses (Microsoft Natural Keyboard
4000).  In revision 1.13 that keysym did not change while
XF86XK_Calculater was added with a keysym of 0x1008FF54.  Strangely
enough, the comments for XF86XK_Calculator note that the developer
thinks they only apply to PDAs like Pocket PC and Palm while the other
keysym 0x1008FF54 applies to "internet keyboards" which is what I guess
my keyboard is.  I wonder if there are keyboards out there that register
the calculator key as 0x1008FF54 instead of 0x1008FF1D as my keyboard
does (you can test this with the xev program and looking at the keysym
your calculator key emits).   In that case, my patch for qt-gui would
not work for everyone.  I'm thinking that maybe Qt::Key_Calculator
should be applied to both the misspelled constant and the correctly
spelled one instead.

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  Cannot set up a trigger for the Calculator key

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