[Bug 24330] Re: CIFS mount blocks suspend/hibernate

Chris J Arges 24330 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Nov 9 14:50:29 UTC 2011

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  If a cifs share is mounted in ubuntu-natty and we try to suspend cifsd prevents the laptop from suspending.
  Apply f06ac72e929115f2772c29727152ba0832d641e4 cherry picked from upstream commit to ubuntu-natty linux kernel.
  This small patch allows the laptop to suspend even if a cifs share is mounted.
- Boot ubuntu-natty. Suspend. Resume. (This should work.)
- Boot ubuntu-natty. Mount cifs share. Suspend. (This will not work.)
+ Boot ubuntu-natty. Mount cifs share. Suspend or Hibernate. (This will not work.)
+ Boot ubuntu-natty with cifs patch applied. Mount cifs share. Suspend or Hibernate. (This works.)
  If I have any network shares mounted via CIFS, the cifsd process prevents klaptop from suspending/hibernating.
  Unmounting manually first fixes everything. Mounting using smbfs instead of cifs lets suspend/hibernate work
  fine, but that's not a good solution, as smbfs is not the preferred solution. I'm not sure if this is specific
  to klaptop, or if it applies to all power management, as klaptop is the only way I can get my laptop to
  This is Kubuntu 5.10, kernel 2.6.12-9, KDE 3.4.3

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  CIFS mount blocks suspend/hibernate

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