[Bug 525005] Re: kubuntu kde4 missing fam support for nfs (kdelibs-bin)

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Tue May 24 18:05:01 UTC 2011

There are plenty of other distributed file systems.

I am not suggesting anything about its removal, as I do not know why it
was removed and quite frankly I do not find it important. I am arguing
that re-adding FAM support is something that ought to be considered

You apparently misunderstood "Ultimately I believe the proper solution
to be that NFS gets fixed so that it works with inotify." as that the
error is with inotify, which is not the case.

Inotify as the name sort of suggests works on basis of inodes, which is essentially a "thing" on your file system, so every folder is an inode and every file is an inode etc.
What inotify essentially does is watch inodes (as specified by the application, i.e. Dolphin would set a watch on $HOME if it is currently displaying that) and then emit events when the inode changes, thus allowing the application to e.g. refresh the view.

Which now brings us to the requirement for working inotify: the filesystem needs to emit changes to the inode.
Something that NFS supposedly does not do. Hence the question, what does FAM do that perhaps NFS could do too to emit changes so that inotify starts working.

So here are the options
a) fix NFS (which would of course be best choice as obviously enough it *should* be working with inotify whereas using FAM would be a workaround)
b) find a way to build with gamin while not having the daemon as hard dependency thus eliminating the sore spot of daemon launch at startup (libgamin seems to be 116kib so that might be barable in RAM, if still useless in 99% of setups)

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  kubuntu kde4 missing fam support for nfs (kdelibs-bin)

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