[Bug 413704] Re: Icon for wireless is very poor

Adam Porter 413704 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat May 21 05:06:16 UTC 2011

There is a confusing situation in Natty: there are two packages that
provide similar functionality and have identical version strings but are
slightly different: network-manager-kde and plasma-widget-
networkmanagement.  It seems like network-manager-kde is deprecated and
doesn't integrate with Plasma as well.  It also has the confusing, tiny
emblem in the lower-right corner of the icon.

I think network-manager-kde should be replaced with a transitional
package that moves people to plasma-widget-networkmanagement.  The
potential problem there is that, after installing that package, it may
not be selected by default in the System Tray settings, so it might not
be visible in the tray by default, and it's not obvious how to enable
it, especially if a user doesn't know his way around Plasma.  The result
then could be that the user can't figure out how to use wifi, or thinks
the only way is through System Settings.  Maybe the Plasma System Tray
could be patched to enable the networkmanagement widget by default if it
hasn't been explicitly disabled.

Whatever is done, I think this conflict or transition will become a
bigger, more confusing issue in the future for average users if it's not
handled gracefully.

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  Icon for wireless is very poor

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