[Bug 784761] Re: "identify outputs" doesn't identify outputs

Avi Greenbury ialoneambest at gmail.com
Wed May 18 23:28:29 UTC 2011

I'd expected the monitor on DVI-0 to be labelled as the monitor on
DVI-0, and the one on DVI-1 to be labelled as being on DVI-1 so I could
tell the config thingy which one should be to the left of the other.

I don't think I've ever felt particular need to identify which monitor
or output is named as which except for those times when both are
behaving in exactly the same way and I'd like them to not be - when one
is configured in a position relative to another, I can identify which is
which by moving the mouse around, for example.

I seem to recall Gnome's monitor identification thing displaying a
different label on each monitor - I've not got it to hand at the minute,
but I'd have filed a bug there, too, had I noticed :) - is there some
fundamental difference in how KDE and Gnome do multi displays?

Either way, it might be what's expected from a technical standpoint (in that, from some part of X's point of view they *are* the same), but I suspect the average user (such as myself) would expect it to, well, identify the outputs. It just struck me as a spectacularly useless button when I clicked on it and each output appeared to claim to be both...

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  "identify outputs" doesn't identify outputs

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