[Bug 490371] Re: Atomic operations not safe for ARMv7, Thumb-2 and multicore

Michael K. Edwards m.k.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 22:43:15 UTC 2011

Alternately, one could use the GCC intrinsics.  They are more
conservative about memory barriers, which I believe to be more correct
in any case (it is not safe to let the compiler or the instruction
scheduler move memory accesses into the ldrex/strex critical region).
Other than memory barrier differences, the intrinsic-based
implementation should be equally fast.  (Although there is no equivalent
of fetchAndStore, the only actual use cases store 0, and I've special-
cased that in this implementation using __sync_fetch_and_and().)

** Patch added: "Implement Qt atomics using GCC intrinsics"

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  Atomic operations not safe for ARMv7,Thumb-2 and multicore

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