[Bug 731504] Re: Qt will not static compile SQLIte

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 9 22:52:10 UTC 2011

Hello Roland.

My name is Harald and I am core developer of Ubuntu.

Regarding the suggested changes I have to agree with the previous
commenters. The way the package is built is exactly according to the
Debian Policy Manual [1] which defines precisely what a good and
reliable package should look like and how it should behave and integrate
in the surrounding system.

In comment #3 [2] you are referring to documentation that you apparently followed to create the package. I would very much like to know where I may find this, as it is (obviously) incorrect. Also the Ubuntu project generally does not encourage building own packages to replace official ones, as this prevents any official support of any kind.
In particular at the point where you create your own package you become maintainer of that altered package and neither the Ubuntu community nor Canonical are in any way responsible for the resulting package(s) (most importantly they will not receive security updates obviously).

In that context I might also direct your attention to point 4.9 [3] of
the Debian Policy Manual which outlines the behavior of a correct and
proper debian/rules file. In particular you might want to read the part
about the clean target.

If I may quote just a part of it:
"This [the clean target] must undo any effects that the build and binary targets may have had [...]"

Due to this the change you explicitly proposed is in direct violation of
the Debian Policy Manual and could not possibly be included at any rate.
By deleting a file in the debian/ directory it is gone forever, meaning
that after one build, executing the clean target will not put the source
package back into its original state. This is absolutely unacceptable
behavior as I am sure you will understand.

As for the need of change in general and the modifications you requested
in particular. As I already mentioned the package in its current state
is valid and a result of application of sound and proven engineering
principles for Makefiles in general and debian/rules files in
particular. The changes you proposed introduce maintenance overhead and
increase the overall code base, making it essentially more error prone.
Primarily however the changes do not have any positive affect (or any
for that matter) on the Qt packages in Ubuntu as those are, and also
will be in the future, built with plugins rather than static binaries.
Surely you are aware of the implications that static compilation has
with regards to maintenance, especially in the context of security. It
is exactly those implications that make it less than desirable to have
static compiled parts anywhere in the system.

I do however acknowledge your desire for this kind of functional and propose the following.
Since your proposed changes do not bring any additional value to the Ubuntu binary packages of Qt the additional code and logic required would introduce overhead in the assurance of various software quality attributes, and is thus not fit for inclusion. However if you were to compensate for the introduced overhead I am reasonably sure an acceptable solution could be reached.

You can either enter a contract with Canonical [4] the primary sponsor
of the Ubuntu community, or you could commit to financial support of the
Kubuntu community [5] who happens to be primary maintainer of the Qt
packages in Ubuntu.

Since your request is not acceptable as-is any further re-opening of
this bug report will only result in prompt closing without comment from
now on. You can reach me at apachelogger at ubuntu.com should you feel the
need for further discussion.

Best regards,

[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/
[2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+bug/731504/comments/3
[3] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-source.html#s-debianrules
[4] http://www.canonical.com
[5] http://www.kubuntu.org

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  Qt will not static compile SQLIte

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