[Bug 249526] [NEW] Intrepid alpha-2 installation not localised

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Sun Jun 19 00:14:59 UTC 2011

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I've been testdriving Kubuntu Intrepid alpha-2, and have found that the
finished installation (from scratch) always is localised to English,
even though I answer all questions regarding locality during
installation with Norway.

At first I thought this was due to the lack of network connectivity
during installation (see bug #135752), but now I tried an install with
wired network connected and correctly set up, and it still didn't
install any Norwegian language packs, /etc/default/locale said nothing
about Norwegian locales, and so on.  I had to set up the locale file
myself, install all the language packs, configure KDE to use the
Norwegian languages, and so on.  (It would be impossible to do this if I
didn't know English to begin with.)

There's also still something setting $LANGUAGE to "en_US" even though it
is set to something else in /etc/default/locale.  Haven't figured out
who the culprit is there yet though.


** Affects: ubiquity (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: Incomplete

Intrepid alpha-2 installation not localised
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