[Bug 705689] Re: QT applications crash with segfault error on armel when QT is built with gcc 4.5 on natty

Richard Sandiford 705689 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Feb 10 13:39:21 UTC 2011

Thanks to Dave for the excellent debugging work here, pinpointing the
RTL instruction that wrongly gets deleted.

The instruction is being deleted by a delete_trivially_dead_insns call
during IRA.  Surprisingly for such an old function, the bug seems to be
in d_t_d_i itself.  count_reg_usage counts out how many times each
register is used in the entire function, but it tries to ignore uses in
self-modifications of the form (set (reg A) (... (reg A) ...)).  The
problem is that it is ignoring such uses even if the insn has side
effects (in this case, an access to volatile memory).  insn_live_p
rightly returns true for such insns, regardless of register counts, so
we end up keeping the self-modification but deleting the instruction
that sets its input.

count_reg_usage is set up to predict when insn_live_p would always
return true regardless of register usage.  It is doing this correctly
for instructions that might throw an exception, and for volatile asms.
But it is failing to do it for other side-effects that insn_live_p
detects.  These include volatile MEMs and pre-/post-modifications.

The attached patch seems to fix things (tested on the Linaro sources
rather than Ubuntu).  I'll run it through a full test cycle.

This is another reason why the CSE code should be using the DF machinery
rather than such an ad-hoc approach.

** Patch added: "Patch for miscompiled qgesturemanager"

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  QT applications crash with segfault error on armel when QT is built
  with gcc 4.5 on natty

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