[Bug 562856] Re: Amarok Notification Icon is Broken

Juan Chak jcchak at gmail.com
Tue May 18 10:33:35 UTC 2010


I have found how to recover the old behaviour of Amarok's notification
icon (left click to restore/hide, right click to control the player, and
the middle wheel to adjust the volume), but it has a ¿great? drawback.

To get the old behaviour you have to remove from the panel the
"Indicator Applet" (you can do that for example right-clicking the
volume icon and selecting "Remove from the panel") and then close the
session. The next time you start Amarok then you will get the
notification icon with the old behaviour.

The problem of this solution is that the "Indicator Applet" also
contains the volume control (along other applets), so right now we have
to choose between having the volume control and a Amarok tray icon with
missing functionalities, or having just the Amarok icon will the old
behaviour and all the functionalities.


Amarok Notification Icon is Broken
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