[Bug 498996] Re: open query windows should follow nick changes

yeagerc at gmail.com yeagerc at gmail.com
Wed May 12 01:35:30 UTC 2010

this behaviour persists in konversation 1.2.3 in ubuntu 10.04.

[20:23] <jager> your nets have been awful
[20:23] [Error] meow: No such nick/channel.
[20:25] <jager> godsalksnf
[20:25] [Error] meow: No such nick/channel.

the nick changed to meowbuzz, which is not registered with nickserv.  i
experimented a bit, changing my nick to an unregistered nick;  her
client is xchat and when i changed my nick she could message me both if
she messaged me first and if I messaged her first.  both of us use
custom hostmasks set by the hostserv in the atheme services packages.
we are both also in a common channel, as you mentioned would be a
prerequisite for the feature i'm asking about to work.  the server is
unreal3.2.8.1, if that happens to be relevant.   i carefully read the
discussion in IRC and even waited to get 1.2.3 in hopes it would work,
but this seems like it ought to work in the context of your discussion.

open query windows should follow nick changes
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