[Bug 353278] Re: [jaunty] kpackagekit doesn't prompt for user password

Jesse Sweetland sweetlandj at gmail.com
Fri May 7 03:29:30 UTC 2010

Still having this issue on a fresh install of 10.04 final.  I formatted
all of the partitions (/boot, /, /home, /var, /tmp, and /usr) during the
installation but kept the data in /home partition, so maybe there's some
config file or something there that's causing it.

Interestingly, I did not have this issue when I did the exact same
install on my laptop... both machines have the exact same configuration:
same usernames with the same privileges, same partitions, LVM volume
group, and volumes.  Both machines had beta1 installed before, I
formatted all partitions except /home during install.

Very vexing.  I found some threads about using some kind of Policy Kit
Authorization Manager in the KDE Settings screen in Karmic, but
apparently it's not available in Lucid.  The solution for some users was
to remove/deauthorize and then re-authorize themselves to rebuild
whatever access control list it needs.  I have no clue where I would
begin to look for such a file.

[jaunty] kpackagekit doesn't prompt for user password
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