[Bug 45026] Re: K3b dont find emovix-2 and normalize

shane 45026 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Jul 29 00:07:43 UTC 2010

k3b 2.0.0 release is affected by this problem

I'm running KUbuntu 10.04.  Installed "normalize-audio" from the
standard repositories, however it reports the binary via -V arg switch
as "normalize 0.77".

Downloading the normalize code, and making the fix to src/normalize.c
fixes the issue.  Had to 'ln -s /usr/local/bin/normalize /usr/local/bin
/normalize-audio'.  Set the PATH in "programs" to use /usr/local/bin
before /usr/bin, then did "search" again.

Fixed the issue.

This is annoying that an ancient bug like this crept back in.  However -
awesome program - thanks!


K3b dont find emovix-2 and normalize
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