[Bug 320795] Re: view filters in korganizer do not work

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 14 12:01:12 UTC 2010

Well, yes, but now. Automatic forwarding will not make sense, because a
bug without someone who is affected by that bug does not make much sense
because a developer will lack feedback if he needs it, rendering the bug
a waste of time, because despite the fact that no one will be able to
give any additional information it still shows up in lists and needs to
be checked every once in a while until someone finally decides to close
it because of pointlessness. Automation is not the solution at all.

What does make no sense is that I have to close bugs that no one looked at for 18 months because 2.5 people are looking after some 50 packages with some 5000 bugs a year.
It is not a problem of policy or motivation or automation, it is not even a problem of plain developer resources. It is a problem of people not giving a crap about getting bugs triaged [1], well maybe not even that but that triaging bugs is incredibly pain full and takes an incredible amount of time.
An issue to which the solution seems surprisingly simple, and yet so difficult -> get more people to work on bugs. 

So, to get back to the original problem.
You cannot just automate forwarding since this will result in dead reports with possibly very unrelated information (maybe you noticed that the various tools in Ubuntu to report bugs attach loads and loads of additional information of which 1% is maybe of use). So you need a lot of people to take care of this. And here is an assumption from me that might sound a bit drastical: if someone who reports a bug is not willing to forward it to KDE, which takes maybe 15 minutes the very first time, then I would say that the bug is clearly not important enough to even be tracked. If the reporter, the person who should theoretically care most about getting this issue resolved, does not care enough to invest the time that is necessary to get it resolved...

The big picture of the policy is as follows: there are way too few people who are triaging bugs, but way too many bugs, of which way too many are really bugs in KDE that ultimately need to be resolved in KDE's source anyway.
So by generally sending KDE bugs to KDE we can spend more time on those issues that are genuinly important to Ubuntu. It is not a general rule to send everything to KDE that is not a packaging bug, but everything that does not have enough impact to be worth being persued by Ubuntu _as well_ as KDE.
This enables us to get the big issues resolved more quickly and also find them more easily (for core KDE components we can now mostly turn around bugs in < 48 hours).

In a perfect world we would not have to do that, but in the current
situation it is the best we can do because the problem is of much
greater complexity than is noticable at first sight.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage

view filters in korganizer do not work
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