[Bug 471303] Re: K3b multisession fails

TimGS timspe at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 01:23:51 UTC 2010

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 432166 ***

I have 64 bit Karmic - upgraded from a clean install of Jaunty.

Regressing to Jaunty's k3b 1.0.5 (see
provides a workaround and multisession now works.

This would imply k3b is at fault. On the other hand there are mentions
on ubuntuforums of other packages failing to handle multisession in
Karmic (sorry, I don't have the links offhand) and there are fingers
pointing at cdrecord/wodim.

I hope the above is of help - I'm not knowledgable enough to give much
more info offhand.

In the meantime I'm happy using k3b 1.0.5, even if it is a workaround as
opposed to a bugfix.

Schily: I would suggest that using loaded language such as "wodim is a
fork made from a more than 4 year old cdrecord version by adding plenty
of bugs and by replacing the mature DVD support from the original
cdrecord by something half baken" is not helpful. Factual points and
practical suggestions would be helpful, and if this results in a case
against wodim, and that in turn results in a more robust Ubuntu, then
great. Secondly I have used DVD+R and DVD+RW for sometime, multisession
no problems - in Ubuntu for over 2 years and before that in Windows (I
think the package was called Roxio or Roxy). To me, and to the vast
majority of the world who also happily burn multisession DVD+R that
means they work. Telling people they 'should' be using DVD-R is not

-- Tim.

K3b multisession fails
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