[Bug 471303] Re: K3b multisession fails

SABCD ctrn3e8 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 00:21:33 UTC 2010

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 432166 ***

Please read the comment from 12-23-2009.

To  re-capitulate:
If (on Arch) you uninstall ONLY the current k3b 1.68.0~alpha3-0ubuntu1 package (that is the "kde 4.x" version)  and then install the old k3b 1.0.5. package  (kde 3.x version) k3b is able to burn multisession DVD+R without any issues whatsoever. As far as I can tell the configuration with regard to which backends it is using, does not change  when you swap the k3b versions.  Also note, when the k3b 4.x version is removed on ARCH (and this I can say with some certainity) the back ends are in no way altered...which is why I did it on ARCH...only the k3b 4.x is removed and then when the k3b 3.x is installed, only that package is installed. ( Note the k3b 1.68.0... is removed using "pacman -Rd k3b" which removes only k3b)  I could try to do the same thing on UBUNTU but the way all the packages are set up, and with all the cross dependencies, it seems  like one ends up dealing with a rat's nest.  In summary  K3b 1.68->multisession fails, k3b 1.0.5, same backends->multisession suceeds. 

Additional response to Schilly
"You thus cannot expect that writing to DVDs works at all"
......Even the new K3b will still burn single session DVD+R without any problem..there is only a problem with multisession DVD.  

Also note from the original description:
"If one attempts to set the "Writing Mode" to TAO, or SAO on the "Writing" tab, one is unable to change the writing mode from "Auto"
.......Is this alone  a bug?...Shouldn't the user  have the ability to chose the type of writing mode they wish to have?"

Now to be fair this is suppose to be for reporting bugs on Ubuntu.  And
while the same exact behavior occurs on ARCH and on UBUNTU, I will admit
I have a less than clean installation of UBUNTU with packages installed
from many prior iterations of upgrades. To truly test the bug one should
do a totally clean install of Ubuntu, use all default configurations,
update,  install K3B and test the behavior....and indeed the bug might
disappear...I don't know.    Sorry, but I do not have the desire to
spend hours doing that. At this point I have a work around which works
flawlessly...use ARCH and use the old version of K3B.

K3b multisession fails
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