[Bug 486091] Re: Confusing button placement/description in software update tab

Abel Deuring abel.deuring at canonical.com
Wed Jan 13 08:56:26 UTC 2010

I find the UI quite confusing too.

The problem is even worse. If you want to perform the default action for
the notification "updates are available", i.e., install the available
updates, you _must_ click the right buttons in the right order: First
"Select all updates", then "Apply".

If you forget one of these clicks, nothing happens at all:

- If you forget to click "Select all updates", "Apply" is disabled. You
can nevertheless click on "OK". A warning popup like "Are you sure that
you don't want to install the available updates? If you want so, please
click 'seelct all updates first and then click 'apply'" would be useful,
I think.

-  if you click "OK" instead of "Apply" after selecting the packages to
update, nothing happens either.

Thjis makes the automatic update notification, a security affecting
feature, unnecessarily fragile.

Confusing button placement/description in software update tab
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