[Bug 281834] Re: KDE File Chooser for all GTK apps

dotancohen kubuntu at dotancohen.com
Mon Feb 15 08:27:20 UTC 2010

> GTK+ should provide sensible desktop integration, not the
> desktop toolkit integration.

Please elaborate on that statement. It seems that GTK+ is the language
that the application is written in, and it is up to the desktop
environment to make that application fit in to the rest of the desktop.
In fact, that is exactly why KDE was founded: to provide a common look
and integration with the existing applications.

Expecting _every_application_ to implement every desktop's tools is
ludicrous. Rather, it is up to the desktop to provide integration with
the limited number of common toolkits, such as Qt and GTK.

KDE File Chooser for all GTK apps
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