[Bug 692651] Re: Ark : when creating a zip file Ark doesn't encode accents properly (i.e. "é" "è" etc.)

Mahendra Tallur 692651 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Dec 22 12:12:21 UTC 2010

Myriam : meanwhile, I triple checked everything and am very surprised
you don't encounter this issue. Here are some more tests I made :

[1] When using
- Ubuntu 10.10 liveCD (amd64)
- Ubuntu 11.04 alpha liveCD (i386)

By default : when archiving for instance, a file called "exposé.txt" to
a "exposé.zip" file using zip or file-roller and opening it again using
unzip -t or file-roller --> "é" is displayed as "??". The actual file is
extracted properly from the command line although unzip says
"extracting: expos??.txt", it does create "exposé.txt".

After installing p7zip-full : everything works properly from both zip
and file-roller. As if they were making use of p7zip.

[2] When using
- Kubuntu 10.10 full up to date install with kubuntu-ppa (i386)
- Kubuntu 10.10 LiveCD in English mode (amd64)
- Kubuntu 10.10 LiveCD in French mode (i386 & amd64)

By default : when archiving "exposé.txt" to "exposé.zip" with Ark or zip
and opening it back with Ark or Zip, I get "expos??.txt" instead of
"exposé.txt" in the file listing. I can still unzip it from the command
line and get the right file, as in [1]. Ark doesn't manage to extract

After installing p7zip-full : no difference, it still doesn't work.

Please see the attached zip file made in Kubuntu. Here the included file
is listed as "expos??.txt".

Cheers !

** Attachment added: "Exemple of zip archive created with zip or ark, containing a file with an "é" character"

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  Ark : when creating a zip file Ark doesn't encode accents properly (i.e. "é" "è" etc.)

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