[Bug 60448] Re: .xsession_errors file grows out of control & saturates disk space

mlaverdiere marco.laverdiere at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 22:38:33 UTC 2009

Here's a suggestion (keeping in mind that I'm not a developer,
programmer or anything alike - I'm just an "advanced user"):  What about
a cron job that would run a script a regular interval (let's say each
hour), and delete any oldest content of the .xsession-errors file that
exceeds any reasonable amount of files pace (out of nowhere, I would say
10MB - that's already a pretty heavy log!).

Again, my reasoning is that I prefer to have a functional and healthy
system with a partial error-log file than a complete error-log file that
I won't be able to access because it has rendered the system unusable...

Of course, there may some more elegant solution...  Anyway, thanks for

.xsession_errors file grows out of control & saturates disk space
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