[Bug 432521] Re: kdm does not restart X server (that crashed on logout)

Achim Bohnet allee at kubuntu.org
Mon Oct 5 15:59:34 UTC 2009

I've tried 4 computers: 3 with intel gfx card  and one with radeon.  The
radeon show login after logout again.  The three onboard intel gfx did
not:  Black screen with 'standard' mouse cursor visible.

While merging my jaunty config changes to karmic I've found this
(forgotten) hack/workaround that 'fixes' this problem for all 3 intel
gfx hardware:  After logout as root. e.g.,

   DISPLAY=:0 XAUTHORITY=/var/run/xauth/A:0-w764YP xrandr --output VGA1 --off
   DISPLAY=:0 XAUTHORITY=/var/run/xauth/A:0-w764YP xrandr --output VGA1 --auto

This results in one flicker, but works.  Simple Patch for /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup appended. 
(does not dynamicly check with xrandr output(s) to use.


** Attachment added: "xsetup.diff"

kdm does not restart X server (that crashed on logout)
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