[Bug 54155] Re: Kopete sends extra newlines/breaks in messages.

Alexey Zhukov launchpad at public.drdaeman.pp.ru
Tue Nov 24 18:28:05 UTC 2009

I have a problem which looks like this (visually this appears as new
lines appended after my messages) with Kopete 0.80.2 on Kubuntu Karmic
(kdenetwork 4.3.2-0ubuntu4)

When I send one-line messages to XMPP MUC or , I see them back just
fine, but others report weird linebreaks on the end of my messages. Did
not work for me on Karmic alpha, but I did not bother to report that
time (sorry).

This is not exactly newlines, but excessive amount of tabs (\x09) and
whitespace (\x20) at the end of every message (in <body> element). While
Kopete ignores them, other clients display them. I've tried to search
for a bug with something related to whitespace, but this is the only one
I found. Sorry if I missed some already open one.

Here is an excerpt from XML console with <body> contents slightly
modified for readability. Tabs were replaced with "\t" and whitespaces
with underlines. The code is 4-space idented (if there's a Markdown
support on Launchpad this should appear as a code block, if it is just a
plain text, then nope).

    <message type="chat" to="example at example.org" id="42" >
    <x xmlns="jabber:x:event">
    <active xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/chatstates"/>

I didn't found it in RFC, but on jabber.org mailing list I found a claim
that whitespace should not be stripped:

Kopete sends extra newlines/breaks in messages.
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