[Bug 411538] Re: Okular can't find words with 'fi'.

Patrick Wigmore patrick.vigmore at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 8 08:34:43 UTC 2009

Discovered bug while searching a PDF that had been output by LyX. This
could be reasonably frustrating in very long documents. I'm fairly sure
this bug was not present in kpdf on KDE 3, as I remember being able to
search for words with ligatures in them when I first discovered
ligatures and wanted to zoom in on a nice, PDF rendering of one. I will
check to see if the bug is present in kpdf.

Not knowing how these things work but having previously given it a
passing thought, I had always assumed that the text in the document must
be converted internally by the viewing application into plain text
version without ligatures and that this version is what gets used for
copying to the clipboard or searching within the document.

Okular can't find words with 'fi'.
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