[Bug 434390] Re: "Cannot Get Lock" Displayed Over and Over Again From KPackagekit

Scotty Rotten scottscott at lavabit.com
Sun Nov 8 08:16:41 UTC 2009

After leaving synaptic running for 24 hours, I logged into my desktop,
and there are like 100 stacked kpackagekit error messages. The error
messages were so much that the window manager disabled composite
functionality. After closing all the windows, my desktop is unusable, it
basically left me with nothing to do but reboot. I guess I could have
restarted X.org from a ssh session, as I have the default
ctl+alt+backspace disabled. Luckily alt+F2 worked and allowed me to
issue a reboot command, which allowed me to restart the window manager
without a full reboot.

This has to be the worst error handling I have ever seen, in any system
(cept maybe the blue screen of death), and I think it is more than just
a problem with kpackagekit. Instead of a single error console-like
window to display errors, there are windows that get stacked off the
screen, eventually consuming the system or window manager memory. This
should NEVER happen, error messages are error messages, and should not
allow a denial of service to the window manager.

Please escalate this to the KDE team, or who ever needs to know.

"Cannot Get Lock" Displayed Over and Over Again From KPackagekit
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