[Bug 359517] Re: kstars does not support indi

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Mon May 11 10:06:39 UTC 2009

Got a question about the Karmic fix. Why is libsbigudrv-dev a build-dep?
If I am not completely mistaken it is created by the old indi 0.5 source
package (which should be dropped, btw) and thus unnecessary to compile
with indi 0.6 support.

Anyway about jaunty:
The only reasonable option I can think of is getting indi 0.6 into indi 0.5.
0.6 can be, just like 0.5 a monolithic source package, so if we create such a package for 0.6 and do a SRU to supersed 0.5 we could do another SRU to get kstars rebuilt and then kstars from jaunty-updates should have indi support again.
That has two catches:
a) getting 0.6 in a monolithic source is not all too easy (though I think Debian got exactly that)
b) this would be so incredibly against the SRU rules that we probably won't get permission, however since (to my knowledge) kstars is the only user of indi 0.5 in Jaunty, we could argue that there is no regression potential because the only app that uses the lib is actually not compiled it to begin with.

Deploying the fix via an Edubuntu PPA is nice, but certainly not the
best solution for this kind of problem IMHO.

kstars does not support indi
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