[Bug 338669] Re: (Needs UXA) painting artifacts after qt4.5 upgrade on intel chipset

Stephan stephan at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon May 4 17:18:14 UTC 2009

Thanks for your explanations.

> [..] there's nothing in this bug that suggests to me that it should have stopped the shipment of either Ubuntu or
>  Kubuntu this past month. (I'm affected by it, and while it's a bit of a nuisance in Kate, it's not mission-critical.)

I disagree, I can't use kate, nor konqueror, nor kmail to do serious work on the affected machine, because
every other action would be to apply some trickery to get the window repainted, which makes it impossible
to concentrate on the work being done. Thus I insist on this being a very severe bug, if not for most users,
obviously for more than just me.

> As I understand it, this is a very touchy bug that's been resolved in
KDE 4.3

Which KDE bug are you referring to?

> and it was only discovered shortly before the release date

to me this doesn't sound like a good reason (for whatever conclusion)

>  And it's got a supplemental fix which works if it doesn't introduce
further bugs into the system.

Are you referring to the KDE 4.3 fix? What if the bug is really in Qt 4.5?
After an upgrade broke my machine I, too, would prefer a more conservative solution
as suggested by Luis: using a "better" version of Qt within Jaunty 
(perhaps using an optional repository?),
rather than hoping that hoping the next release will be more stable 
with no alternative to go if it doesn't.

OTOH, once packaging KDE 4.3 starts, could you post pre-liminary packages
that we could try within the Jaunty install, so we have an option to revert if the
bug didn't get fixed that way or if the fix breaks other things?


(Needs UXA) painting artifacts after qt4.5 upgrade on intel chipset
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