[Bug 338669] Re: (Needs UXA) painting artifacts after qt4.5 upgrade on intel chipset

Chris Drost chris.drostie at gmail.com
Mon May 4 15:02:23 UTC 2009

> I'd really suggest to rank it as a stop-ship bug, please!

Jaunty already shipped, and, to be honest, there's nothing in this bug
that suggests to me that it should have stopped the shipment of either
Ubuntu or Kubuntu this past month. (I'm affected by it, and while it's a
bit of a nuisance in Kate, it's not mission-critical.)

> what can all the affected users do to help isolate the root cause of
this bug

Wait for two weeks and live with the graphical nuisance until then. As I
understand it, this is a very touchy bug that's been resolved in KDE
4.3, which will have its first beta release on May 12. Kubuntu Karmic
will then have its first alpha release on May 14th, so presumably
there's going to be some rapid packaging going on at the time.

> How can a bug with 10 duplicates stay in "undecided" so long?

Well, just to recap, this is a bug that doesn't affect most people (and
we're not sure why it affects the people it does). It's apparently
upstream of KDE, even, much less Kubuntu; but it's also claimed by Intel
to be downstream of them; and meanwhile the KDE folks are saying "We
said no Qt 4.5 with KDE 4.2 -- Kubuntu didn't listen." We can't narrow
down where it goes or where the problem is occurring, because the
problem doesn't create crash logs of any sort. And it's already got a
fix some time in the near future (KDE 4.3), and it was only discovered
shortly before the release date. And it's got a supplemental fix which
works if it doesn't introduce further bugs into the system.

I think that all of these contribute to this bug report staying in
undecided. We don't know where to start looking for the problem, even,
and the problem will hopefully be solved soon anyway.

(Needs UXA) painting artifacts after qt4.5 upgrade on intel chipset
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