[Bug 293591] Re: Kalarm has no window decorations

Lesseps fernando.famo at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 19:44:31 UTC 2009

This issue is rather important, because without the decoration bar, the
minimize, maximize and close buttons become unavailable.

This happened eventually for a desktop PC with Ubuntu Hardy (8.04),
running Compiz, but after reloading the Window Manager, using Compiz
Fusion Icon the decoration was corrected. After network upgrading to
Intrepid (8.10), no window decoration anymore, now it is not eventual
anymore. However, changing to Metacity Window Manager (using Compiz
Fusion Icon), the decoration reappears.

The same for a HP dv6120 notebook.

However,  for Asus EeePC 12G (900) with a fresh installation of Easy
Peasy (formerly Ubuntu eee), no problem. It is based on Ubuntu Netbook
Remix from Canonical, Compiz is not included: Kalarm has worked fine.
For the Asus netbook, it is not Compiz, but Netbook Remix that manages
the windows.

Today, the HP did not boot properly. After a recovery boot, running all
recovery options, suddenly the decorations reappeared, but again, Compiz
had not loaded! Unfortunately, the reason was the NVIDIA driver had been
disabled during the recover.

After enabling it and rebooting, it was a surprise to discover the
window decoration gone again, but Compiz was there, loaded and running.
Disabling the NVIDIA driver, the decoration was back over the Kalarm
window but so was not Compiz: it had been gone!

It is almost certain, the problem is  between Compiz Window Manager and
Kalarm, other KDE applications have not displayed (or should been said:
have undisplayed?) the issue. This conclusion is further supported by
the observation of the same problem in the other machine, but again only
with Compiz Window Manager on.

It must been said that small issues are happening with windows
decoration of several other packages in Compiz, however they are still
usable, contrary to Kalarm, where, let it be repeated, the minimize,
maximize and close buttons become unavailable.

The bottom line: problem between Compiz Window Manager and Kalarm, can
anyone help us, please?

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Kalarm has no window decorations
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