[Bug 336861] Re: Cannot launch any programs

Chris Snyder csnyder at mvpsoft.com
Sat Mar 7 19:12:09 UTC 2009

I am experiencing this as well, on two separate systems. They are both
systems that were originally running standard Ubuntu, but were then
switched over to Kubuntu by installing kubuntu-desktop and removing
various Gnome-related packages (it's very possible that there are some
remaining Gnome packages on each system - perhaps that is what's causing
the problem). One system is 32-bit (home-built system with MSI
motherboard, Athlon-XP-2000), and the other is AMD64 (HP Pavilion
dv9010us laptop, AMD Turion X2 1.6 ghz). Both systems have Nvidia
graphics cards and are running the non-free drivers.

This happens with a variety of programs: firefox, thunderbird, VMWare
Workstation 6.5, and others. It seems to mostly be GTK apps that are
problematic. Also, plasma freezes up at the same time - the K-menu
button is unresponsive (including no mouseover effects); this lasts for
a couple of minutes, when everything un-freezes, including responding to
mouse-clicks that occurred while it was frozen. I'm not sure if the
plasma freezes are related, but they seem to happen at the same time.

Running the programs outside of KDE (I'm currently using a very bare-
bones X configuration running twm) works fine.

Attached is my .xsession-errors file as well. Note that I executed
"/etc/init.d/kdm stop" to shut-down the session (which had become
basically unresponsive), so that might explain some of the error
messages at the very end.

** Attachment added: ".xsession-errors"

Cannot launch any programs
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