[Bug 310125] Re: journal is not as good as before

Stephan Diestelhorst stephan.diestelhorst at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 14:27:59 UTC 2009

I can confirm all the additional mouse clicks. (which are a nuisance, not a bug)
The one thing in this description that truly is a bug is true, too: Journal entries are created for the day that starts the week if one is in "week view" mode, rather than setting the current date.

Manually changing the date later on reuslts in funny effects such as two
entries being created. Both (identical, with changed date) entries will
be shown when in "week view" mode, however, selecting only single days
in the view pane shows that one of the events actually is still
registered for the start of the week, while the other one is present at
the proper day.

Manually deleting one of the entries has only temporary effect, when
switching to "Week View" again, the deleted entry reappears and one is
back to the original behaviour.

>From the outside this looks like some putting stuff under the right
index issue.

This is KOrganizer 4.2 rc1 on Kubuntu 8.10, running in Kontact container

journal is not as good as before
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