[Bug 335777] [NEW] (Jaunty) plasmoid-network-manager does not remember configured connection

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Sun Mar 1 03:13:08 UTC 2009

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Binary package hint: plasmoid-network-manager

The plasmoid-network-manager does not remember settings of prior configured wlan connections since about 1 week in jaunty.
How to reproduce:
Install the latest jaunty updates
Remove all hidden config files from home directories
Configure a wlan connection (to a listed SSID) within from the plasmoid or within from kde systemsettings and give this connection a name.
In my case the name was "ZuHause"
Enable password storage and setup kdewallet.

Networkmanager will immediately connect to the network and the applet shows "Connected to ZuHause".
At this time I can disconnect and disable wlan from the applet. Re-enabling the wlan module works fine and the applet shows immediately the configured connection "ZuHause", afterwards. Clicking on "ZuHause",  enabled the connection after entering the kdewallet password and work reliably.

Reboot the system

After the reboot the configured connection is shown within kde-systemsettings as "ZuHause" but it does not appear at the plasmoid. The plasmoid show only the SSID which is also "linked" to "ZuHause".
Clicking on the SSID demand for a newly configuration.
So every reboot the connection has to be configured again which results in many entries within kde-systemsettings and kdewallet.

The same happens with installed plasma-widget-network-manager instead of

uname -a : 2.6.28-8-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP Wed Feb 25 04:27:53 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux
dpkg -l | grep network

ii  avahi-autoipd                         0.6.23-4ubuntu3 
ii  ifupdown                                 0.6.8ubuntu15   
ii  iproute                                    20080725-2                        
ii  iputils-ping                              3:20071127-1                     
ii  iputils-tracepath                     3:20071127-1                  
ii  libnm-glib0                              0.7.1~rc1+20090220-0ubuntu1       
ii  libnm-util1                               0.7.1~rc1+20090220-0ubuntu1     
ii  libqt4-network                         4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1            
ii  net-tools                                 1.60-21ubuntu1                    
ii  netbase                                   4.34ubuntu1                      
ii  network-manager                    0.7.1~rc1+20090220-0ubuntu1       
rc  plasma-widget-network-manager   0.0+svn930811-0ubuntu1            
ii  plasmoid-network-manager                  0.0+svn923467-0ubuntu1           
ii  tcpdump                                   3.9.8-4ubuntu1                  


** Affects: plasma-widget-network-manager (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Tags: jaunty networkmanager plasmoid-network-manager
(Jaunty) plasmoid-network-manager does not remember configured connection
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