[Bug 349066] Re: Release notes need to tell upgrade users how to add new network-manager widget

AaronPeterson alpeterson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 08:01:31 UTC 2009

Assigned to me because otherwise it would be marked closed even though
it isn't fixed.  (Network Manager still doesn't work in my kubuntu 9.04,
it drops the wifi connection when the screen saver goes OFF...  and then
it doesn't re-establish the connection until I select the wifi network,
and it acts like it totally forgot the wep key... and if I just close
the dialog where it asks me to input the settings... it connects!?!

Anyway,  network manager is not compatible with the previous version of
the network program...    In kubuntu 8.10 I got the notification that
9.04 was ready to install..  It should have told me in that same message
any steps that I would have to do manually to get it to work.  as it
was, the upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 made my computer unusuable (it
knocked out my wifi) until I found  a place with a wired network.  (I
was prepaired for breakage... I'm not personally harmed, I know these
things happen.. I'm trying things out to report what happens... and then
when I report complete severe breakage, I get shrugged off.

... I believe somebody noted that the message that said an upgrade was
available was in default-settings -- and that needs to share urgent
release notes...   It doesn't make much sense to me why it's kubuntu-

3 problems, the 8.10 lead us blindly to 9.04
and 9.04 doesn't properly import 8.10 network settings, 
9.04 doesn't even come with a network manager

Release notes need to tell upgrade users how to add new network-manager widget
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