[Bug 258861] Re: Plasma crashes with some widgets

Gerard shaolinestu at yahoo.es
Sat Jan 17 07:33:57 UTC 2009

"EagleScreen, Harald Sitter - your bahaviour on the forum is the exact reason overall for Microsoft to be and continue to be, just because they are trying to CARE."
You refer them or me? Sorry my english but I dont understand, and what you mean with CARE? take care? or take attention?
 You are smart. O'k. Open source and Open society is not the openness to figure out who is pissing higher." this is not a competition not? Yeah, I only wanted to care and participate. And I really hate and Im really sorry that this post has led to this argument. Ill read the link of code of conduct and have in mind to post next time, asking in forums first for help and then here..ooh god I think that I started perhaps from the end not? Please understand is too difficult for me, understanding english, posting, understanding anwers, doing bug fixing...

But when I updated to KDE 4.2 Beta 2 in properties>about appeared (KDE 4.1.85) ? Sure you arent confused? So then I updated to KDE 4.2 RC1 and appeared (KDE 4.1.96). See attaxhment of capture...
Yeah I agree with you! I wouldn talk about that but I have to REINSTALL 4 TIMES KUBUNTU IN THE BEGGINING! for the fkg (sorrry) EFFECTS ! I enabled them without enbling first the propietary nVidia drivers and my screen turned black! And the other way if I unabled prop drivers with effects enabled I get the same!! No I dont dare to enable it, I wouldnt see the famous cube...The othe time i reInstalled without formatting and the problem wasn fixed (all black after login).
"Resume is - do not use it on the main computer. Best practice - virtual WS." I only hacve 1 computer ! WS? Do you mean that? http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/WS-Security.
Hey me name is GeRard! jaja some salsa? what? New Windows 7 !! And vista? Virtualization.mm interesting..but u need a gret machine to run that not? Im only have a Sempron with 2 512MB DIMMs...my mother board from 2006 seems to support 64 bit but I dont test it. Virtualization is only for 64bits architecture not?
jeez what a post..

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Plasma crashes with some widgets
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