[Bug 258861] Re: Plasma crashes with some widgets

Gerard shaolinestu at yahoo.es
Fri Jan 16 05:33:24 UTC 2009

 MaxSolo=thanks, Finally I updated to KDE 4.2 Beta 2 and lets me adding the damn Firefox 3 icon, as other like Sys Settings. I dont understand how a function that worked wrell in KDE 4.1.2 under Kub 8.04 not worked in KDE 4.1.3 under Kub 8.10...an update is to fix bugs not creating new ones isnt it?
And now I can see other icons of folder I choose, and I can resize the field that contains all. I can now create documents, folders and shortcuts in it. But most of plasmoids dont work,and jams KDE, forcing me to exit with CtrlAlt (thanks that exists!). I can only add a Calendar adn the default Notes (postit). Testing widgets I delete by accident the Task Manager and adding it causes blok sistem, I exit and restart X but there isnt! I have to change apps from Alt Tab. And besides a little bug that Ive been observed from KDE 4.1.3 and remains on KDE 4.2 Beta 2 is that if I choose 1024ppp resolution (1200 is too little things and fonts) when I restat KDE sets resolution to max (1200pp).
Dolphin has many bugs when sending items to garbage or moving it from one folder view to other (when splittting), Ill will search in KDEbugs for that.

Harald SHITter (or maybe I say crapper?), I call you like this as you
call "crap load of pointless information" my last post, so that saddens
me cause I wrote it with all my soul...Youre right to say thats not the
place to say all of that but that was a GRATITUDE FOR EAGLE FOR HELPING
ME (a bit long yes), prob you find it pointless but I guarantee that not
for me and Eagle. Were humans (remember? UBUNTU IS LINUX FOR HUMAN
BEINGS, you use it?) and humans when someone helps us is POLITE
(especially for 1st time) to THANK hte other. I dont know a crap when
you say: "also, so you don't leave knowing nothing more than before" and
then "ask google for 'ABI compability', that is what is broken, and can
only be fixed by recompiling the appropriate plasmoids." Even reaading
what Wikipedia says to ABI I dont understand,again, a shit. Can you
explain it for me here or in other place? Mail..but, ey dont waorry man,
seems that was fixed when updating. Updating, thats Im gonna do now I
see icon Adept is changing alerting me that new updates are available...

Plasma crashes with some widgets
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