[Bug 89591] Re: Please package Amarok Rio Karma support (--with-libkarma)

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Mon Jan 12 17:01:24 UTC 2009

Way to go with the sensitive treatment of the community, Jon Thomas!
People sit around waiting for a couple of years for a support issue to
be fixed for their hardware, limping along when things could Just Work
with minimal effort. Therefore, the right thing is to say to yourself
"oh, the new release doesn't support your hardware anyway, HAHAHAHAH
LOSERS! I'm closing your bug report. That's another one closed for me

Do you ask "would people still want 1.4 around so they could use their
Karmas still"? No. Did you even apologize for the fact that a trivial
thing was left untouched for a couple of YEARS when it could have been
fixed quickly and would have made people happy? No. Do you acknowledge
the work people put in to make it easy for the support to be added, the
work no one bothered to pay attention to? No.

Instead we get your wonderful example of public relations, lets see if I
can quote this accurately, it is so long:

"Amarok 2.0 no longer supports Rio Karma, so closing."

You even managed to save a few words by not using proper English
grammar, thus speeding your way through your day.

Must be a great feeling, getting another bug report closed without even
having to write one complete grammatical sentence! *THAT* is truly the
most important thing. Remember to put the notch in the belt!

Please package Amarok Rio Karma support (--with-libkarma)
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