[Bug 220628] Re: firefox-3.0b5 received an X Window System error: 'BadIDChoice'

lessoffensive lessoffensive at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 16:02:30 UTC 2009

Thomas, you're right, flashblock wasn't it.  It's strange though that it
worked for me for about two weeks with that new upgraded version but now
I have the same crash again.  Are you using KDE 4.X?  What may be
involved is that I just changed nvidia drivers last night and it's
started crashing since.  I'm using the nvidia 180.22 drivers, upgraded
from 180.16.

I still haven't ruled out QtCurve though, so I'm upgrading to the latest
(0.60 from the notz ppa) and will see how that works.  I'm shocked so
few people have this problem and it's persisted as long as it has being
as totally intermittent as it has been, as well.

It also seems to only happen when I get enough tabs to have to scroll
through them on the tab bar on the window (the last crash was 2 windows,
140 tabs); that doesn't seem to cause the crash, but it never seems to
be able to get off the ground after it either crashes unrelatedly or
being closed.

I'm also using an nvidia geforce 8600 GT.  What card and drivers are you
using?  I've had problems with the 8XXX series and the nvidia drivers
for about the last year--maybe the bug is somewhere in the combination
of bad driver version(s) and 8XXX series of cards.

firefox-3.0b5 received an X Window System error: 'BadIDChoice'
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