[Bug 90455] Re: Add Tablet PC support to krandrtray and lockprocess (patches included)

Karl Hegbloom karl.hegbloom at utah.edu
Sat Jan 3 21:13:21 UTC 2009

I don't think that changing the wacom orientation belongs there, since
it's too localized to that point of control. Here's what I mean by that:

The tablet rotation needs to change any time the display rotation does,
so they stay in sync. In general, with a usb tablet on a desktop
workstation, if you have a monitor that swivels to portrait rotation,
and use RandR to change it, you might NOT want your wacom rotation to
follow it. But on a tablet PC, you always want them to remain in sync.
Perhaps the X wacom driver should be made aware of RandR events, and
have a setting that tells it to rotate with the screen, automatically.
Unset that, and it will not rotate when the screen does.

Since the wacom driver does not presently support RandR, and since there
are other things that need to be done when the screen is rotated, the
best solution involves arranging for an event handler or hook script to
be run when the rotation has occured. It ought to work no matter what
program you use to send the RandR commands to the display, and no matter
whether you invoke it manually with a command or button, or it's done
automatically by an ACPI swivel-down-tablet or swivel-up-laptop event
(sort of a button in it's own right).

I've been researching this problem online, and have found a simple
daemon that connects to the user's X server, registers to receive RandR
Rotation event notifications, and then sleeps until one occurs. When it
wakes up, it looks to see what the new screen rotation is, by directly
querying the display itself. If it's the same as last time it woke up,
it goes back to sleep. Otherwise, it calls a shell script with a single
argument for the new rotation, then goes back to sleep.

The shell script is responsible for changing the navpad orientation, the
Wacom tablet rotation, etc. Since it's invoked through an actual display
rotation event, it runs no matter what program actually called for the
rotation. (See bug #217182 for a comment describing this further.)

Add Tablet PC support to krandrtray and lockprocess (patches included)
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