[Bug 380860] Re: kile spell checker not aware of latex

dagurasu dagurasu15 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 11 14:35:44 UTC 2009

fine.. maybe it isn't THAT simple I didn't mean to be condescending to
hard working volunteer programmers, seriously.  Maybe the hook to get
the latex awareness pushed in is elsewhere, but being that Kile is a
text editor of sorts, an extremely core feature like this should
probably not be written off as low priority, and should not be written
off as invalid(granted it's valid for the moment) just becasue Kile
relies on someone else's code to deal with it.  To the extent there is
any responsibility for free software writers to do anything, it seems
the responsibility is on the Kile programmers to get the functionality
Kile needs.  If they can't get it from Kate, they should get it
elsewhere.  If it's a bonus feature or minor issue and it was easy to
grab functionality from Kate and hope it works someday, fine, but this
is not either.   Kate is not the only software to ever implement spell
checking.   If marking it upstream means yeah we're working on it, but
we're working on it upstream, then great.  It doesn't look like that's
the case.  If kile programmers just don't have time to fix it, that's
quite understandable too.  That doesn't make the problem invalid or low
priority though.

kile spell checker not aware of latex
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