[Bug 60448] Re: .xsession_errors file grows out of control & saturates disk space

apinunt jrzinskie at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 11:33:53 UTC 2009

It appears that the .xsession-errors file creates anew after each
reboot, moving the previous content to .xsession-errors.old and an
enormous size file can be eliminated by rebooting twice, but what is
causing the file to grow needs to be determined and fixed otherwise the
problem recurs. I think my problem has been found to be playing video
files and the driver for my video card, ATI Radeon Mobility M6 LY, is
not properly supported under Ubuntu 9.10, although it was previously
under 9.04 and earlier.

.xsession_errors file grows out of control & saturates disk space
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