[Bug 490205] Re: Empty Disc Recognised, but still Asks for Empty DVD upon Burn

OzzyFrank ubuntu at ozzyfrank.com
Tue Dec 1 06:13:41 UTC 2009

Hi. Just rebooted, and nothing has changed; the main window shows the
disc present as soon as the system has mounted it, but the Burn dialogue
still says "Please insert an emply DVD-DL medium". I think this may have
been the first time I've used K3b since I upgraded Ubuntu to 9.10; I
have KDE and Xfce installed along with Gnome, so a lot of KDE apps were
replaced with Karmic versions in the upgrade.

I've used K3b without issue for ages now (well, besides that 4Gb limit
issue many others had too), and have recommended this over Gnome apps
due to the reliable Video DVD burning (ie: they're actually playable).
Hopefully this gets resolved soon, as even though I have NeroLinux, I
much prefer K3b.

Although I haven't tried it, I'm assuming if I wanted to create an .iso
image of the video DVD project, it would let me (since the Start button
is not disabled like the Burn one is). Seems purely to be that the
dialogue cannot see the disc, even though the main body of the program
can. Weird.

Empty Disc Recognised, but still Asks for Empty DVD upon Burn
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