[Bug 362182] Re: Amarok 2 lost support for iPhone-like devices - Choice between 2 and 1.4?

chris ch at awry.ws
Tue Apr 28 02:26:20 UTC 2009

I mostly use arch these days, but I've learned a little about this
problem recently, and thought I'd share (since the kde guys were kind of
rude about it in their upstream bug tracker).

The recent commit to amarok should allow it to properly detect
iphones/touches -- *if* the device is recognized by solid, which means
it must also be recognized by hal.  sshfs mounts don't show up in hal
because no hardware is actually involved, and hal is for managing
hardware.  So, something in amarok or solid, or (less likely) hal needs
to change for sshfs to become viable in amarok2.

An option which may be viable, which I'm experimenting with, is
iFuse[1].  iFuse attempts to communicate with iphones/touches via native
Apple protocols over USB.  Since the connection is via USB, the device
is recognized by hal and solid, at least in theory.

For me, on arch, theory breaks down rather quickly.  The hal portion of
iFuse is dependent on an fdi file included with iFuse, which doesn't
exactly work (at least not on arch).  I've been hacking on it, but I'm
not quite there yet.

There is a deb package for debian experimental that might be a good
place for ubuntu users to start.  It might even work out of the box for

Amarok 2 lost support for iPhone-like devices - Choice between 2 and 1.4?
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