[Bug 364162] [NEW] KDE: change from Powersave to Performance fails

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Mon Apr 27 00:49:32 UTC 2009

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I am using a Thinkpad T61 (Intel GM965/GL960 graphics controller)
with Kubuntu 9.04 (installed from Kubuntu 9.04 Beta CD, fully updated today)

Reproduce Bug:
(I don't know the exact English label texts, I am working with german Kubuntu)

System Settings >> Power Management >> General Settings:
Set "With Power Cable connected" to "Performance"
Set "Running on Battery" to "Powersave"

System Settings >> Power Management >> Change Profiles:
For "Performance" Profile Uncheck "Deactivate Composit-extension of KWin"
For "Powersave" Profile Check "Deactivate Composit-extension of KWin"

Restart System.
Power cable is connected.

Switch to Standby (sleep in RAM) or Hibernate (sleep on HDD) mode.

Unplug power cable.

Wake up the machine.
Now the desktop effects are off (no transparency), as expected.

Plug power cable in.
All windows and plasma are disappearing. I can only see the background image of the root user and the mouse cursor. The mouse cursor changes its appearance on some points of the screen (it looks like the windows are still there but invisible).

Unplug power cable again.
Most of the times all of the windows and plasma elements are visible again (without desktop effects as expected)

Only restarting kdm seems to work, to see a desktop with plugged in
power cable.

When going to sleep mode with power cable not connected and waking up with no power cable, everything works ok.
When going to sleep mode with power cable connected and waking up with power cable connected, everything works ok.

In case of the error state every time the power cable is plugged in (and the desktop disappears) there is a new line in dmesg:
> [  280.205923] [drm:i915_get_vblank_counter] *ERROR* trying to get vblank count for disabled pipe 0

** Affects: kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

KDE: change from Powersave to Performance fails
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