[Bug 191472] Re: Wrong timestamp on files copied over SSH

dotancohen kubuntu at dotancohen.com
Sun Apr 26 20:57:11 UTC 2009

I think that the fish:// protocol is in fact sftp://. The sftp put
command can have the -P flag used to preserve timestamps and
permissions. I will go through the three KDE bugs posted here and
comment where needed.

> I am lowering the importance, medium
> is clearly too high.

This is a dataloss issue, in my opinion medium is not high enough. I
have voice recordings of my daughter as a baby, and because they were
moved with KDE I have lost the dates of those recordings. Some of them
are very sensitive to her age, and not knowing her age at the time of
recording makes the recording worthless. Any kid will tell you that
water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. Hearing a 16 month old say that is
precious. Now, I don't remember and don't have the date to be sure any

Please consider moving the priority back up. Dataloss is serious.

Wrong timestamp on files copied over SSH
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