[Bug 366199] Re: Kubuntu 9.04 live CD: "shutdown" doesn't

Alan Jenkins alan-jenkins at tuffmail.co.uk
Sat Apr 25 09:59:05 UTC 2009

Output of "ps -ax" after trying to reboot.

There is no X process.  There is a "-:0" process, I'm not sure what that
means exactly, except that it's related to ":0", my X display / session.

Both kdm and kdm_greet are still running, in state "S" (interuptable
sleep).  As described before "killall kdm" does nothing; either the TERM
signal is blocked or the signal handler isn't able to do it's job.

I checked with "strace -p" just in case it showed anything interesting
about kdm, but it just showed a select() call with a number of fds, just
as you would expect in a standard event loop.

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Kubuntu 9.04 live CD: "shutdown" doesn't
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