[Bug 339313] Re: Kubuntu Jaunty: Cannot Connect To Wireless Network with WEP shared key

Julien julien.grossholtz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 17:27:14 UTC 2009

Most of the time I'm able to connect, but it takes some time.

I click on the network I want on the plasmoid and them the small dialog
appears :"Enter network connection secrets". I Just have to click on
cancel many times because when a dialog is closed an other appears.
Typing the passphrase at this point is useless.

After this I click again on my access point essid, the "big" (add
network connection) dialog appears and I can type my password, when I
click OK, the small dialog appears twice, you have to enter the
passphrase on the dialog which appears first (the one behind the other).
And... there is a crash : The application KDE Daemon (kded4) crashed and
caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV). Sorry I don't have the backtrace, if
there is a need I guess I should install some debug packages ?

After this you "just" have to restart the procedure described in the
paragraph above and It will work.

If you what to copy/paste the passphrase in the procedure, be careful
after the crash the text you get when pasting is hum... strange.

Don't ask my how I find it...

Kubuntu Jaunty: Cannot Connect To Wireless Network with WEP shared key
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