[Bug 211422] Re: Kubuntu 8.04: OpenGL screensavers zoom out randomly when starting up in KDE4

Launchpad Bug Tracker 211422 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Apr 8 12:45:23 UTC 2009

This bug was fixed in the package kdebase-workspace - 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu2

kdebase-workspace (4:4.2.2-0ubuntu2) jaunty; urgency=low

  [ Harald Sitter ]
  * Add kubuntu_13_startkde_set_country.diff to set KDE's country setting
    (based upon the locale value, so 'de_AT' would be 'at' as country) at
    login. If no LANG is set, or parsing results in an empty string, nothing
    will be done. (LP: #224461)
  * Don't remove gtk-qt-engine cruft and .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 not only when
    qtcurve and kds are installed but also when gtk-qt-engine itself is
    installed. Otherwise the latter will be unapplied post-login (LP: #352946)

  [ Jonathan Thomas ]
  * Add kubuntu_75_fix_shellrunner_crash.diff, fixes KDE bug 186036, and can
    be removed in KDE 4.2.3 (LP: #340607)
  * Add kubuntu_76_disable_dim_for_polkit.diff, the dim plugin breaks the
    policykit-kde dialog (LP: #350225)
  * Add kubuntu_77_fix_autohide_glowbar_flicker.diff, unappliable in KDE 4.2.3
  * Add kubuntu_78_kubuntu_78_krunner_history_combobox_palette.diff to fix an
    invisible scrollbar background in the combobox, unappliable in KDE 4.2.3
  * Add kubuntu_79_fix_small_screensavers.diff to fix small OpenGL
    screensavers, can be unapplied in KDE 4.2.3 (LP: #211422)

 -- Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman at kubuntu.org>   Mon, 06 Apr 2009 14:35:52

** Changed in: kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu)
       Status: Triaged => Fix Released

Kubuntu 8.04: OpenGL screensavers zoom out randomly when starting up in KDE4
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