[Bug 330419] Re: GNOME+Kwin: desktops aren't drawn

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 1 19:52:17 UTC 2009


I just did some research on this.

First of all, the GNOME pager-like applet, which shows the virtual desktops, only offers the option to add new "workspaces" when using metacity (possibly also with compiz ... wether or not that is a sensible thing or not, since I would expect that it is possible to get information about the amount of virtual desktops directly from the WM, and also to be able to influence the amount [dbus?]...).
So, setting the amount of desktops only works form within the appropriate KDE control module.

The actual rendering issue is however in GNOME, and not KWin.
Scenario 1:
metacity is default, gets replaced by kwin => shown desktops follow the setting defined in KDE (i.e. the amount KWin actually exposes) and get rendered properly, adding them on-the-fly (via the appropriate KCM) works as expected

Scenario 2:
kwin is default (e.g. through WINDOW_MANAGER environmental variabe) => shown desktops follow the setting defined in KDE but anything but the first desktop is not rendered at all

Scenario 3: 
kwin is default, gets replaced by metacity, gets replaced by kwin => see Scenario 1

This leads me to the conclusion that probably GNOME either expects KWin
something to do, in order to render the desktops (which would be weird,
since GNOME obviously knows about the virtual desktops AKA workspaces,
so not having them rendered is everything but sensible) or there is just
some flaw within GNOME that prevents the desktops from rendering.

Workaround: invoke metacity and then replace it with kwin (something
like gnome-wm&& kwin --replace as start command)

I am bouncing this bug to gnome-session, hoping it is the appropriate
package :)

Have a nice day, and thanks for the report.

** Package changed: kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu) => gnome-session (Ubuntu)

GNOME+Kwin: desktops aren't drawn
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