[Bug 270531] Re: gtk-qt-engine 1:1.1+svn20080816-0ubuntu4~hardy1~ppa1 stopped working on Hardy

JW johnwheaton2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 11:20:36 UTC 2008

Harald, thanks for the update on this.

I appreciate that the KDE4 team needed to make a decision in order to
keep things moving ahead.  However, folks like me (running 3.5.x and
using KDE4 apps) are hit on the head by this.  For me, this is not an
"unused repository" as you stated.  I like to make the most of the
ability of KDE4 and KDE3 to run side-by-side so I can get what I feel is
the best of both worlds -- that is one of the key things I enjoy about

Now I am faced with deciding what I want to break, GTK in KDE3 or
Konqueror in KDE4.  I can't help but feel the decision shouldn't be one
I need to make.  If there is a fundamental technological reason why
these two things cannot "live in harmony", I understand.  But I do need
to ask if there is anyway this can be made to work out without going
through programming calisthenics or contortions.  I enjoyed both things
living next to each other at one point in time.

gtk-qt-engine 1:1.1+svn20080816-0ubuntu4~hardy1~ppa1 stopped working on Hardy
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